Tile du JourFour-Sided Friends are handmade geometric collages. Most of the pieces feature abstract designs based on an ancient Chinese pattern, but occasionally they represent unique versions of beautiful natural phenomena like flowers, plants, and trees.

For canvas, the collages are created on wood backings regularly scavenged from rebuilding and recycling centers around town – these are mostly old cabinet doors and lightweight shelving pieces. After procuring the canvas, the basic color palette is selected from a wide variety of hues in the studio collection. Then, a rough design is drawn lightly onto the canvas with pencil, leaving plenty of room for improvisation.

Next comes the best (and most time-consuming) part: carving each piece of paper and glueing it into the design, watching it slowly evolve, making occasional corrections. When it’s finished, the surface is securely protected with several coats of matte or gloss.

Depending on the intricacy and size, each piece takes about 4-12 hours to assemble, sometimes longer. Each piece involves a great deal of patience, precision, and improvisation and is always an  incredibly fascinating and inspired visual process.